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    Company Profile

    Our company is engaged in landscaping machinery and equipment, hand tools, agricultural machinery and equipment. And we have our operation for over a decade now.

    Originated from EIYO Corporation (Shenzhen) Limited in Shenzhen, our goal is to provide our clients with highest efficient service.? Our business partners include imported brands such as Japanese Orec, and Shindaiwa.? For the company's long-term goal,? we have focused business to build our current own brand, DSK (沙龍), divisions brand Hanamura, the German Dusburg, and other hand tools series products in China.

    Since the early 1980s, China's rapid development in manufacturing, known as the "world factory", the state has actively developed domestic market, widely available in order to improve the mechanization of agriculture, agricultural subsidiaries, and also to focus on promoting the use of low-emission machines, which is with effort to slow down global warming.

    Thanks to the relevant technical support provided by our partners for joint venture to establish a product line, our own brand DSK (沙龍).? With our stringent product design, material procurement, and production processes, our finished product quality are strictly monitored.

    In order to produce cost-effective products and meet the needs of our consumers as our goal, we will not stop to improve and provide a better business environment for our business dealers.

    Our products are unique and market-oriented quality products, and we strive to provide essentially sincere, professional, prompt services.? And we have won recognition and support of domestic and overseas markets with our attitude towards customer service.? We will continue to learn in practical progression, and we constantly strengthen their professional quality.

    Our plant and warehouse in Guangdong could provide adequate supply, complete accessories with quick delivery.? Our sales network, at the same time, could offer complete spare parts supply support and professional maintenance advice.? Our goal is to establish the joint efforts of all our partners and dealers to provide consumers win-win business support and services.


    We hope to make our world greener and healthier! Make our life full of vitality!

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